SJC couple visits after a decade

By Stacy Barber
August 12, 2019

Once in a while, alumni from St. John’s College make a special visit to the office to say hello, long after they have lived in residence and completed their degrees. They share stories about their careers and better yet, some couples have gotten married and created new journeys together.

This summer, Denise and James Chiltin scheduled time during their cross-country road trip on July 31 to visit their old stomping grounds at UBC. It was a pleasant surprise to catch up with them! They were amazed how much the trees had grown in the ten years since they left, and it was fun to show them changes to the College including our Johannean Journeys paper boat installation and all of the flags in the Dining Hall.

For Denise and Jim, it was great to revisit the same table in the Dining Hall where they first met.

We hope the rest of their road trip went well and that they enjoyed their visit with another SJC alumni couple on Vancouver Island. Great things can happen in the Dining Hall where we gather “the world around our  table.”