Catering Policies

Minimum Catering

The minimum number of guests for catering Monday to Friday is 25 (unless otherwise noted), and the minimum number of guests for Saturday and Sunday are 30. The minimum charge for food will be $200 for any catered function with the exception of coffee service. The minimum for coffee service is 20 people (Additional labour charges will apply for events requiring just coffee service) .

Taxes / Gratuities

All food and beverages catered will be subjected to all applicable taxes  and a 15% gratuities

Cancellation Policy

If an event is cancelled in three (3) weeks or more prior to the event, there is no charge for the cancellation. If an event is cancelled twenty-one (21) to eight (8) days prior to the event date, you will be charge 10% of the quoted cost. If you cancel an event within seven (7) days of your function date, you will be billed 50% of the quoted cost.


SJC Culinary Services holds a Class B Dining Lounge liquor license covering the van der Linden Dining Hall, Fairmont Social lounge, Seminar room and Lecture Hall. This allows us to serve alcohol at events, provided food is also served. Under the terms of the liquor license, SJC Culinary Service must be solely responsible for any liquor purchased, consumed, and sold in these areas. Therefore, the following regulations must be observed:

  • All liquor served or consumed in a licensed area must be purchased and sold by SJC Culinary Service.  Liquor purchased from SJC Culinary Service may not be removed from the licensed area (e.g. cannot be taken outdoors or other areas).
  • Liquor purchased elsewhere cannot be brought into the licensed area.
  • Liquor may only be served as part of a meal.

These regulations are established by the Province of British Columbia and violation of these regulations is not allowed.

Hosted Bar

The host pays for all bar beverages consumed during the event as well as *bartender labour charges, if applicable. Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

*No bartender labour charge incurred if bar revenue exceeds $500.

Cash Bar

Guests purchase their beverages at the event. The host pays for bartender labour charges only. Beverage prices include applicable taxes.


A final invoice will be prepared and mailed or emailed to you after your event. Payment can be made by cheque payable to SJC Culinary Service, alternatively you can also pay by credit card or cash. Unfortunately, catering invoices cannot be paid by UBC Journal Voucher. A deposit may be required for catering hosted by external groups.