Orientation: Early Start Program

New to the College? Get an Early Start.

Are you new to St. John’s College? Make sure you sign up for our unique orientation, the Early Start Program. This no-cost program will introduce you to your new home at UBC and the unique community of St. John’s College.

Dates: August 21 to 31, 2023

Cost: $55 per night + meals (approximately $25 per day).  Room fees: You will need to pay a $150 deposit to hold your spot and the balance is due upon arrival.  Meal plan:  You will pay a pro-rated monthly meal plan, which will be payable upon arrival (you will receive an invoice when you arrive).

Registration: Please see sign-up form below.

About the Program

St. John’s College has built a caring and inclusive community that is committed to fostering an atmosphere of intercultural understanding and international exchange. See our Mission Statement.

SJC is your new home and we want you to enjoy the safety and care this community can give you. We want you to develop the skills needed for success in your studies at UBC by becoming engaged members of this special community. It is also our hope that your time with us will help equip you for success as you journey through life carrying the Johannean spirit with you.

We are offering new residents the chance to get an early start with our orientation program – access to helpful resources, fun activities and informative workshops. Get to know SJC, UBC and Vancouver!


To be eligible for the SJC Early Start Orientation program, you must have received an offer of residency at St. John’s College and be registered full-time graduate student.

The program is full of activities, sessions, and resources that we have thoughtfully curated for you based on your interests and needs. 

To ensure your participation, we recommend securing your spot by July 31, 2023. If you missed the registration period, please feel free to contact  sjc.membership@ubc.ca for further assistance.

The program itself is free. You pay for room and most meals. That’s it. That’s all. That is how important we feel getting an early start into living at SJC is.

What you will pay:
$55 per night for room rental (plus cost of meals)

After you register for early start program, we will contact you to obtain your credit card information for processing the $150 deposit, which will secure your spot in the program.

Yes, when you register for the Early Start Program, the room you are assigned will be the same room you will have for the 2023/2024 contract period..

Check out our Flickr page to view resident rooms!