Resident Resources

Contract & Handbook

The resident contract and handbook provides you with all the essential information you need to know about St. John’s College. It contains important information about the responsibilities and rights of those living in the residence community

You can access and download a copy here:

2022/23 St. John’s College Residence Contract

You can access and download a copy here:  SJC Resident Handbook 2022

You can access and download here: The Dining Experience Communications Package

  • The Dining Experience Communications Package provides guidance to SJC residents on the communication of feedback and suggestions regarding different aspects of the meal plan and dining experience in SJC.
  • This package (i) explains the different entities and groups of people who are involved in your meal plan and dining experience in SJC (ii) provides a diagram to show you who to contact regarding different kinds of questions, concerns, or feedback you may have during your stay in SJC (iii) explains the current steps involved in interacting with the servery for your daily breakfast and dinner (Monday to Friday, and Sunday) (iv) addresses some frequently-asked questions
  • This is a living document subject to update and revisions when necessary.

SJC Culinary Service Meal Plan Agreement

You can access the SJC Resident Event Calendar here:

Helpful Information & Forms

It can be extremely difficult to succeed in graduate school while having to worry about paying for housing, food, and tuition. If you are encountering financial and/or food insecurity issues, please connect with the SJC Office and/or see some of the UBC resources below:

Please watch the Communicable Disease Etiquette Video produced by our residents.

  1. Watch this short video clip and explore this photo album to see what your room will look like.
  2. Please review this list of items we recommend you bring to campus.
  3. Become familiar with the map of the College. A map of the UBC Vancouver campus and wayfinding instructions are available here.
  4. Go through the SJC info kit for key information and resources you will need.
  5. Check your email to find out who your "buddy at St. John's College" is. This person will help you move in and transition to College life. If you have any further questions, please contact:
  6. Checking In:  SJC new residents check-in at the Marine Drive Residence, which is next door to the College at 2205 Lower Mall. The front desk is located in the Commons block (Building 3) in the middle of the complex and is staffed 24/7. Wayfinding instructions are available here. At the Marine Drive front desk you will pick up your keys, arrival package, and sign any required documents.

Meal Credit Voucher Application: A resident can apply for a credit voucher if they cannot attend a meal. Voucher applications must be submitted by 12 pm on the business day before the day of your missed meal.

Meal Membership Only Application Form: A resident who will be temporarily residing away from the College for two consecutive weeks or more in a calendar month may request the option of paying only a Dining Society Membership fee for that month.

Tala is happy to help you with organizing your event. Contact information can be found on the office door.

Booking Resident Events | St. John's College UBC

If you are a resident of the College and are thinking of arranging an event, please fill out this form to request funding for SJC Residence Life activities.

The College has three digital signage TVs:

  • Dining Hall – generally content just for resident
  • Alumni Hall – guest information + resident information
  • Social Lounge – campus content, guest information

Powerpoint is the easiest way to submit content.  Make sure your slide are setup for wide screen:  DESIGN/PAGE SETUP/16:9, and that content is at least .5 ” away from the edge of the slide.  If you need help getting started, please contact

To submit your digital signage request, please click here to fill out the form. 

COVID-19 Residence Rules

  • If you are self-isolating, a resident may access shared common areas when necessary – including shared washrooms and kitchens, along with building entrances to retrieve food deliveries – but is expected to take the following safety measures:
    • Minimize prolonged face-to-face interactions.
    • Wear a face covering while in close physical proximity to others.
    • Avoid close physical contact with others.
    • Practice regular hand washing.
    • Access shared spaces during quieter times, when possible.
  • A resident in self-isolation is not permitted to have guests.
  • Minimize prolonged face-to-face interactions.
  • Wear a face covering while in close physical proximity to others.
  • Avoid close physical contact with others.
  • Practice regular hand washing.
  • Access shared spaces during quieter times, when possible.

Academic Leave requests should be submitted 2 months in advance of the leave to ensure you are eligible to pay the meal maintenance fee only. Leave requests will also need a clear and formal outline of the academic and research to be undertaken and the necessity of the leave to your work and academics.

  • Academic Leaves are reviewed by the Principal and are a first-come, first served basis.
  • You will be required to move out of your room and move out all of your belongings. Move-out procedure applies.



Guest Responsibility Form

Please note: Guest protocols are subject to change at St. John’s College. The College reserves the right to restrict guests at the College in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as it deems it necessary for the safety of our residents and staff. You should factor this in to planning and travel arrangements.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Opt-out Media Form


The College may wish to take photographs, video, audio or other recordings which may capture your name, image, and likeness ("images") either individually or as part of a group at college events. "Images" may be used both internally and externally for administrative purposes and/or for purposes associated with the marketing and promotion of the College. Additionally, "images" may be submitted by other residents to the Office to be used for purposes associated with the marketing and promotion of the College.

If you do not wish "images' of yourself used in any media while engaging or attending college events, please fill out the Opt-out Media Form below.

Please note


Residence Appeal Form: A resident whose actions are found to be in violation of College policies and who is assigned a sanction by the Principal may appeal this decision to the Appeal Officer.

Please note this does not include questions and decisions regarding the St. John's College residence contract, rates and payment. For questions regarding these, contact:

Student Housing and Hospitality Services
Main Office, 2205 Lower Mall
Marine Drive Building 6
Vancouver , BC V6T 1Z4
Phone: 604.822.441