Virtual Hot Lunch with the Workplace Wellbeing Team

Hot Lunch series for all UBC Staff.

Let’s meet over lunch with colleagues from across UBC and share thoughts about how we might work toward the goal of establishing richer and more meaningful networks.

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Featuring the UBC Wellbeing Team

The last four months have very challenging for many of us. You may be asking questions such as: “What will happen in September, with my program, and my job?” and/or, “How can I navigate the complexities of current events while maintaining my mental health?” Those who have dependents may be wondering: “how will schools re-open for my child(ren),” and/or “how can I keep my family members safe?” While we ponder these thoughts, we are also doing our best in our jobs to support staff, students, faculty and community members here at UBC.

Many of our questions cannot be answered yet, and uncertainty will be the main constant of our lives. Given this, the UBC Workplace Wellness team will present resources available to UBC staff, promote self-care practices, and provide spaces for us to re-connect over ZOOM to discuss and share ways we’ve been taking care of our mental health.

We hope that you can join and share with us – it is also a great time to share what is working for you personally, or with your department.

We are grateful for Miranda Massie, HR Workplace Wellbeing Practises & Learning Consultant, and the team members that will be joining us for helping us in facilitating discussion.

Virtual Hot Lunch Schedule

1.    Opening – SJC Hot Lunch Host, Health & Wellness at UBC

2.     Small Breakout Rooms

3.     Large Group Discussion

4.     Closing Remarks