Hot Lunch for UBC Staff

Cross-campus UBC Staff Networking Initiative

We know that many of us here at UBC recognize the challenge in creating meaningful conversations and connections between staff from different units, and that our own personal networks play a key role in sustaining and supporting us in our UBC roles.What if we could share those networks with each other in a way that could foster better linkages and community among colleagues from across the institution, and across bargaining units and staff associations as well? If we could create innovative ways to build relationships, and nurture those networks, could we foster a more inclusive and productive working environment at UBC?
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Our thought: absolutely yes, and so “Hot Lunch” was born. Let’s meet over lunch with a group of our colleagues from across the University, and share thoughts and conversations about how we might work toward the goal of establishing richer and more meaningful networks across the institution.

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Upcoming 2020 – 2021 Speakers

Our Virtual Hot Lunches include time for break-out rooms, please take note of our community expectations while engaging in the break-out rooms:

Previous Speakers

ZOOM Hot Lunch Speakers on YouTube

  • Hot Lunch w/Liz King, Director of Ceremonies & Events
  • Hot Lunch w/Professor Lesley Cormack, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Okanagan
  • Hot Lunch with John Metras, Associate Vice-President, Facilities
  • Hot Lunch w/ Dr. Handel Wright