As UBC’s international graduate residence, St. John’s College is a diverse community of graduate students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars from over 40 countries.

As a member of the Vice-Provost International Team, we are a residential and research hub for UBC’s International Strategic Plan where both local and global issues intersect. We develop and partner on research initiatives that have an impact far beyond campus.

Our research initiatives include:

Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadians Stories (INSTRCC)
Directed by Professor Henry Yu, this initiative was created to engage and empower students to conduct crucial and groundbreaking community-based research relevant to Chinese Canadian communities. INSTRCC is located at St. John’s College.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Our current SSHRC partnerships include:

2018 – 2019: Partnership Engage Grant
Partnering with the City of Vancouver to Reshape the Representation of Its History: Developing the Collaborative Infrastructure for UNESCO World Heritage Site Nomination for Chinatown

2018 – 2020: Partnership Development Grant
Activating a Multi-sited Museum: an Innovative Organizational Model for Heritage and Community Knowledge-Making