What is your favourite part about living at SJC?
One of my favourite part about SJC is being part of “the world around our table”. During dining, residents share their jokes, insights, and opinions on topics from all over the world.

What is different about living in Vancouver compared to where you moved from?
Moving to Canada, specifically Vancouver, is incredible. For the first few months, I felt like I’m living in a different planet. Vancouver is way different than Jordan for so many reasons such as natural sights and wild animals. I was amazed by encountering squirrels, raccoons and bears since I only used to see those in cartoons and movies only. My favourite is the grizzly bear although I don’t wish to encounter any.

What committees or activities are you involved in at SJC?
Since moving to SJC, I have participated in many volunteering opportunities. I have been the chair of SJC Wellness Committee, the co-chair of SJC Outreach and the SJC Social Committees, and the coordinator of SJC International Cooking Club. I have also been a SJC Buddy. I have been an active member in other activities organized by the Garden Committee, Orientation Committee, and Life Committee.

How do you feel as you begin your new position as a Resident Life Advisor?
Being a current SJC resident has enlightened me about the challenges that grad students experience during academic life. Grad students transition to high pressure, stressful, and unfamiliar life, which influence their overall health and wellbeing. Being a Resident Life Advisor (RLA) is a valuable approach to hone my leadership skills while enhancing the living experience of SJC residents. My goal is to inspire SJC residents to be active members in the community, enrol in SJC committees, plan social and academic events, and most importantly, create lifelong friendships and memories in SJC.