When did you join St. John’s College?
In March 2019.

What is your favourite part of your job?
The lovely people I get to work with and meet! Also, the wisteria vines at SJC in the summer!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to run, read, and reflect on the beautiful moments in life through writing and art.

Other connections to UBC:
I’m an alumna of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems’ Global Resource Systems program (so amazing!). I also grew up on the UBC campus, as my parents worked and studied here!

I work with teams at St. John’s College and in the community on projects that connect academic learning and community engagement in Chinatown, local museums, and on campus. I also support the administration and finance operations at SJC.

I was born in Vancouver, and grew up right here on the UBC campus. My parents originally came from Zhejiang province, China. As a person with many interests, including but not limited to food, environment, and community, I chose to pursue a B.Sc in Global Resource Systems in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, and worked on an urban school farm. Being a student and later a teaching assistant in Dr. Henry Yu’s course, The Heritage of Chinese Migration, I learned about the contributions that Chinese Canadians have made and continue to make to our local food system and food culture. As I continue to explore the beauty and complexities of migration and culture, I am understanding my own story better and grateful for the privilege of hearing other peoples’ stories.