What is your favourite part about living at SJC?
My favorite part of living in SJC is the great community atmosphere. International students face lots of different challenges and the support provided by friends in SJC is fundamental to thrive and have a great graduate student experience. The moments spent with friends that I’ve made in SJC are among the best memories from my graduate student life in UBC and Vancouver.

What is different about living in Vancouver compared to where you moved from?
So far, I’ve been lucky to live in fantastic cities. Among them, Vancouver has a special characteristic of being a great place for people who love outdoor activities. There are many beaches and parks within the city boundaries, such as Wreck beach, Kitslano, English bay, Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Park etc. Vancouver is also very close to the rocky mountains with magical places for hiking, snowboarding, camping and other activities.

What committees or activities are you involved in at SJC?
I’ve been involved with many different committees and activities. Lately most of my activities have been related to the Life, Sports and Social committees. Another activity that I enjoy organizing is the outdoor movie session in the courtyard.

How do you feel as you begin your new position as a Resident Life Advisor?
Since day one in Vancouver, I’ve been living in SJC, where I had the opportunity to become part of an amazing community. This unique living experience provided me numerous special moments, personal growth and lifetime friendships. Hence, I have developed feelings of gratitude and belonging towards the SJC community. I’m very excited about being an RLA and I’m looking forward to provide creative solutions to strengthen the graduate life experience in SJC.