What is your favourite part about living at SJC?
Meeting and learning to live with and work with people from many different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds.

What is different about living in Vancouver compared to where you moved from?
The natural environment and colder climate definitely (much less humidity!). The rain is noticeably different. In Singapore, the rain comes in a rush and goes away quickly. The rain in Vancouver…lingers for the whole day and night. Singapore is at the equator so there are no seasons… I’m still getting used to the idea of fall/summer/winter/autumn.

What committees or activities are you involved in at SJC?
I used to be part of the Membership, Academic, Social, Outreach, Sports, Orientation committees; the Dining Society; the SJC soccer team. Nowadays, I just help out here and there. As the current Johannean Ambassador, I help to create bridges and strengthen the relationship between the College and the Johanneans (the alumni of St. John’s University and its affiliated schools) who are the College’s founders and benefactors. It has been a pleasure and privilege to meet with, and learn from the Johanneans. Many of them possess inspiring life stories and careers and I admire how they remain energetic and cultured in their mind, body, and spirit in their silver years.”