What is one of your favourite memories of living at SJC?
Executing events for the Sports Committee was one of my favourite memories. Storm The Wall, Wreck Tower Cup, and the volleyball games we played in the summer were also great memories of mine. Playing with more than 20 people from different parts of the world in a volleyball court is something unique you wouldn’t experience anywhere else other than in the SJC courtyard!

What unique qualities of SJC did you appreciate the most?
Two  years of living in SJC made this place more than just a residence for me. It is unbelievable – I arrived in Vancouver without knowing anyone and in a short period of time I was surrounded by supportive friends from all over the world. Warm and friendly interactions with other graduate students who were experiencing similar stresses provided me much needed support. It would have not been this easy to find so many close international friends by living in other locations. I am sure that SJC played an important role in making Vancouver the city I love feel like home.

In addition to the love I have received from our community, I have learned a lot from their experiences and cultures. I can easily compare living in the College to reading a newspaper. The front page (a set of words and a picture), does not tell you enough about a news/friend. Only by flipping through the pages can connect you to the story and that’s the time when you can learn and exchange ideas. Indeed, after a long day at work, tables at the SJC dining hall were the best place for me to hear each person’s story and tell them about my day.

What do you miss about living at SJC?
The great balance of social and independent life. I could be in my room having “me” time. This “me” time was about talking to parents, “lashing” (kind of a relaxation) , programming, and watching movies. Or I could step out of my room and find my friends to socialize only a couple of doors away.

How did living at SJC support your academic development?
Each person in SJC is knowledgable in their field of study an can add additional ways of thinking to yours. There are also professors and lecturers living in SJC, and I benefited from their advice for my future path plannings and course selections. I also got help with editing my resume and making it more professional. Furthermore, with the help of SJC’s travel scholarship I was able to attend one of the top conferences in my field.

What kind of career opportunities have you had since living at SJC?
I moved out in August 2019 and I am now in Toronto working as an intern with the Self-Driving Cars Perception team at Huawei.

What advice do you have for residents currently living at SJC or preparing to leave the College?
Make friends and keep in touch with them. These friends are life-lasting. Stay active and listen to stories. That’s how you learn and grow.