When did you join St. John’s College?
In 2006.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I love greeting people, especially students and faculty members that come into the office on a regular basis.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy going for walks, exercising, and gardening.

As the front desk receptionist, I am the first person people greet when they walk into the office. I like to address people with the title “Sir” or “Madam” as I am very professional. I sort of consider myself the “General” guarding the door. Besides greeting people, my duties include faxing, distributing mail, hanging out parcels, answering inquiries, directing students to the appropriate personnel, booking guest rooms and checking in guests.

Aside from all the seriousness, I do have a playful side. I like to joke with students and act very friendly toward them. Sometimes, I engage in a conversation with them about world issues or simple things that are happening in their lives. My ability to speak Cantonese enables me to better communicate with some students whose first language is not English.

I was born in Hong Kong and my family immigrated to Canada when I was ten years old. Growing up in Canada, I was fortunate to be able to keep my culture and my mother tongue that has remained with me throughout my life. One of my proudest achievements in life is landing a job at UBC. In 2006, I started working at St. John’s College and have worked here for over 12 years. I really enjoy working here, and consider St. John’s to be my second home.