Introducing our New Resident Life Advisors

August 12, 2019

We excited to announce that St. John’s College has appointed two residents to serve as the Resident Life Advisors – Shams Alanzi and Fabrício Bagatini Cachuço! These are new positions in the SJC community which officially begin on August 15, 2019.

There will be many opportunities for residents, especially our newest arrivals to the College, to meet Shams and Fabrício in the coming weeks. If you see them around the College, we encourage you to introduce yourself and discuss how they can support you.







Learn more about Shams.
Learn more about Fabrício.

Principal Henry Yu made the announcement below:

Dear SJC Community,

I write with the happy news that because of the deep and excellent pool of applicants for the SJC Resident Life Advisor position, we have decided to appoint two residents–Fabrício Bagatini Cachuço and Shams Alanzi– rather than just one for this new position. Because of the strength of the applicant pool, both in terms of personal qualifications and their track records of devotion to the SJC community, choosing even two out of those who applied was a difficult decision to make, and we thank all of those who took the time to apply and to think so deeply about the needs of their fellow residents as part of the application process. We look forward to the SJC community continuing to benefit from the ideas, enthusiasm, and positive energy of each of you who devoted time to this process, including those other residents who encouraged and supported the candidates to step forward.

Please join me in congratulating Shams and Fabricio, as well as welcoming them into their new roles. Because these are new positions within the SJC community, both Shams and Fabricio will be helping shape the nature and function of these roles for those who follow them, and I hope that you will all join me in helping them find their way, and giving them the room to experiment (and perhaps occasionally to make mistakes…) as they try to find the best way to help provide peer support to all of the residents of SJC. I know that as your colleagues with a long record of volunteering their time and energy for the betterment of others at SJC, Fabricio and Shams enjoy a deep reservoir of respect and good will already; however, as they reach out to you over the next year with the goal of helping create a stronger and healthier community, I hope that you will each support them even as they pursue the goal of supporting you.

Officially, Fabricio and Shams will begin their roles on August 15, but please join me in thanking them personally for stepping forward to take on this important role, and feel free to begin sharing with them any ideas that you may have for helping them.

Henry Yu
Principal, St. John’s College