As a resident of St. John’s College, you have the very unique opportunity to not only gain knowledge and support in your research area, but also exposure to various aspects of life that come with living within an international community. We believe that apart from being an expert in your research area, it is also crucial to develop in other areas to become a well-rounded, global citizen. Staying in the college helps you learn more about other cultures, traditions, festivals, cuisines and languages that help you develop a new perspective towards the world around us. Since most of the programs and activities are initiated and carried out by the residents; they change every year to suit the interests of new residents. As a resident, you are free to join any committee and if you are keen to start your own committee, you are free to do so! For example, many of our alumni have taught language classes in the College, to share their language and culture with the community. The college has limited funding available to carry out activities in the committee.

Please explore the following committees which are currently active:

The SJC international cooking club reflects the uniquely rich culinary skill-set present in the college. It provides an opportunity for the SJC residents, guests and alumni to explore various cultures and backgrounds through dining together. Through meeting twice a month, SJC international cooking is also an opportunity to grow SJC residents' culinary skills by hand-on experience. Proudly, we have organized and served cuisines from more than 40 countries around the world.

Contact: Shams Al-Anzi

The goal of the SJC Fitness Committee is to develop a healthy lifestyle among residents in the SJC community. Our regular exercises include alternate days of swimming or workouts at the gym in the early morning; and ping-pong, volleyball, basketball after dinners in the evening. When the weather permits, outdoor activities (such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, etc.) allow us to pursue adventures in nature. We want SJC residents to develop healthy and robust bodies while fostering long-lasting friendships during this journey.

Keywords: health, motivation, perseverance

Contact: Lu Xia Lee, Yuan Tian, Gavin Davies








The SJC outreach committee aims to create an enabling environment for residents to utilize their talents, knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of life of their wider local and global communities. We also support charitable and humanitarian causes of current and past SJC residents. Each academic year, the committee organizes fundraising parties and gatherings, silent auction sessions, and donation boxes.

Contact: Shams Al-Anzi

SJC's Social Committee holds multiple cultural events throughout the year from different countries.

Meeting are held each month, where residents exchange ideas to come up with different events for the following month and future occasions. Members volunteer to take care of the tasks that are required for each event.

Contacts: Corey Whelan, Omid Hajieghrary, and Nima Jamshidi

The Sports Committee organizes indoor and outdoor sports activities for the residents. Our objective is to help residents enhance their lives through physical activity. We believe that such activities will build stronger relationships and bonding between residents. We organize and support several events during the year. Some examples include: Wreck Tower Cup, Storm the Wall, Vancouver Sun Run, UBC volleyball league, UBC, soccer league, Curling, BC hikes, etc. We welcome all the residents with different levels of proficiency in sports to join our events.

During the first meeting of the year, we set up a scheduled program for the following year. This program consists of several sports events. Some of them occur during the year (BC hikes, UBC sports leagues, etc) and the rest are some big events which happen once or twice a year (Wrech Tower Cup, Storm the Wall, etc). We gather every two weeks to discuss the upcoming events in our curriculum and set-up an executive team to organize each specific event. The number of organizers for each event can vary based on the size of the event.

Contacts: Rehan Higgins, Oguzhan Kaya







The SJC Wellness Committee has been created to discuss and address the health concerns of the residents of the college. Considering the demands of working on a graduate degree, graduate students unsurprisingly face more challenges to their health than the rest of their age cohort. Health, in this sense, should be understood holistically: it encompasses not just physical but also mental, sexual, spiritual, financial, and emotional well-being. Stress, for instance, affect several (if not all) of these aspects. Wellness, on the other hand, is the optimal manifestation of the residents’ health. It is fostered by balance and support and care. We believe that wellness underpins academic and personal success. When we take care of ourselves and each other, we will find it easier to achieve our goals, spark joy, and find meaning in our lives.

The committee hopes to fulfill its aim by:

  • Organizing workshops to help graduate student residents develop skills, strategies, and mechanisms to identify challenges pertaining to their general health and possible solutions to them. Workshops on different topics, from first aid to stress management to financial literacy, will be scheduled twice a month, preferably on regular day and time (i.e. every second and fourth Thursday from 5 to 6 PM or 8 to 9 pm).
  • Establishing connections with different student services units, from the GSS advocacy office to counselling services, to help residents access the various resources available to them within the university.
  • Forming a pool of volunteer wellness peers who could help the college administration respond to pressing situations involving the health of the residents.

Contact: Demet Kirmizibayrak

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